"Is your service making the best out of this inevitable big data environment?"

97% of your customers leave you, being unable to find an attractive offer
You already know that among the numerous customers that visit you, 97% of them leave empty handed, because they couldn't find something they want to spend their money on!

What if there's a chauffeur that gives you personalized suggestions while you're shopping?
Not being able to neglect the painful situation, RecoBell decided to help drastically improve the conversion rate by accurately recommending products that the customer would want out of numerous options.

The limit of "Bestsellers for all"
Everything starts from the vast amount of data generated by activities of various customers. Simply exposing bestsellers without utilizing the accumulating big data means you are missing as much of the customers and the sales.

Automatic style seller exclusively for me
We achieve customer satisfaction and sales growth by efficiently collecting and analyzing this big data and providing customized product recommendations optimized to all customers through RecoBell's exclusive recommended engine technology.

Data bunch that cannot be used
Building the infrastructure itself isn't easy even when trying to utilize big data, and even with the infrastructure, the value of the accumulated data is distorted if the data cannot be analyzed effectively.

Big data platform for growth
In order to solve such problems, RecoBell has constructed a platform that supports and provides all stages from infrastructure set-up to effective collection, analysis and processing of big data.

Leaving customers losing interes
Even though you have a broad range of products, if you cannot propose a product that a customer wants, it is inexorable to see customers leaving despite the continuous marketing and investment.

Personalized communication that calls in customers who left
Beyond the on-site recommendation, RecoBell helps delivering customers' desired values in diverse ways, including CRM system establishment and personalized marketing.

A happy experience realized by all devices
Through the multi-device environment, customers can benefit from the experience that fulfills their needs any time anywhere,

Shopping synchronization for customer convenience
and will be able to experience seemless shopping of their own regardless of the device through RecoBell's shopping synchronization technology

"The change you'll witness
 through RecoBell's service is…"

the growth of sales which is the most evident achievement.

RecoBell's recommended solution service that begins from Associative/Personalized recommendation service is completed through personalized communication integration service and increases 'UV/click conversion rate/purchase conversion rate' beyond your expectancy.

"The evaluations of those who experienced RecoBell are firm with trust"

“RecoBell isn't just a vendor but a true partner, who real cares about our sales increase and customer satisfaction as our staff do”
- Promotion manager, No. 1 national social commerce company
“It was a top-notch ROI project, highly praised by our CEO. The team is very talented” - Customer Analysis manager, Korea's largest beauty cosmetics company
“We didn't expect much when we started the project. On the day of the final AB test report, the name RecoBell became inerasable to us” - eCommerce manager, leading department store in Korea
“Although we were already using a globally well-known solution, we could not help choosing RecoBell when we observed the compared test results” - Sr. Executive, luxury fashion shopping mall
“RecoBell's personalization logic is amazing. Products being automatically listed based on the association is not only helpful to us; the reactions from our customers are extraordinary. We want to keep it all to ourselves!” - Marketing manager, global social commerce company